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Created Agency Brussels is specialised in video production, photography and graphic design services for your business in Brussels. Top visual content for social media and digital marketing.

byStrofilia Traiteur Delicatessen

byStrofilia is an exciting and extremely promising new traiteur, delicatessen in Brussels. Handcrafted dishes and exclusive delicatessen products, alcohol and wines from Greece, all available in Stockel. Created Agency is producing all visual content with premium videos and editorial photography. Check out some of their awesome tastes below and don’t forget to visit byStrofilia online.
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Intellectual Property rights

Navigating the rough sea of intellectual property rights for audiovisual production can be a real pain in the .. head. Most of the times content producers do not respect or are not even aware of the strict EU framework especially when dealing with high-level political institutions, such as the European Commission. We know very well the authorisation forms, licenses and music rights paperwork required for your audiovisual production. We have been doing it for years and we know the right keys to unlock the right doors.
Because great stories happen
to those who can tell them well.
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