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byStrofilia Traiteur Delicatessen

byStrofilia is an exciting and extremely promising new traiteur, delicatessen in Brussels. Handcrafted dishes and exclusive delicatessen products, alcohol and wines from Greece, all available in Stockel. Created Agency is producing all visual content with premium videos and editorial photography. Check out some of their awesome tastes below and don’t forget to visit byStrofilia online.
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EU International Partnerships

The secret of change is to focus all your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new. 

With a series of informative corporate videos, we presented the new strategy of the European Commission to the world. Creative direction and awesome video production for this flagship digital campaign of the International Partnerships in Brussels.

Photo of Domenico Lenarduzzi, the person who inspired the Erasmus programme back in 1957.

Interview with the father of Erasmus

Domenico Lenarduzzi had the idea of the Erasmus programme 33 years ago, in 1987. Since then, Erasmus has given millions of people the chance to study, train, volunteer or gain professional experience abroad. We directed one of the last interviews of Domenico where he discusses the story of Europe with his grandson, Raffaele Vaccaro. A story of peace and democracy, prosperity and opportunity,

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Saving lives in conflict

The deadly impact of coronavirus in regions affected by war and conflict is acute. We are humbled to help the European Union and Praesens Foundation communicate their efforts to protect the most vulnerable. For the International Day of Living Together in Peace we created a video for social media. We presented the actions of the European International Cooperation and Development and Praesens Foundation working to provide vaccines and mobile labs in rural Africa.

Thumbnail Corporate Video Production DEVCO International Cooperation and Development European Commission

Forging a new world together

The European Union is the biggest net contributor of development assistance in the world. It is the closest and most reliable partner to many countries in Africa, Latin America, Asia and the Pacific, funding projects that change the life of locals and make our world a better place.

We developed the flagship film to show the impact of this great work and elevate the corporate brand of our client. We travelled to Guatemala, Cambodia and other places in the world in order to capture the powerful stories and hear directly from the real protagonists. The result was an inspired film that translated the corporate messaging into emotions. This is the power of our storytelling and engaging video techniques. Get your corporate video to showcase your work and enhance the public perception of your brand!

European Union response to Coronavirus visual Global Response Team Europe

EU Global response to Covid-19

A brave package of 20 billion euros was the support of the European Union to its partners against coronavirus. A big commitment that we had the task to help communicate to the press and social media.  We used video to present the main points of the strategy topped up with a set of adaptable visuals. From the headquarters in Brussels we sent the media kit to all delegations of the European Union so they promote the key messaging world wide.

Africa – EU Strategy

In March 2020, the European Commission presented its Strategy for a closer future with Africa. We got to design an integrated set of visual content and coordinate the communication campaign online. The animation video managed to successfully translate the key policy messages and lead the institutions’ communication on all fronts. Vibrant colours and contemporary collage style gave an appealing look. The social media pack was complete with a set of graphic illustrations that broke down the messages with engaging design. We offered subtitled versions in French, Spanish and Portuguese to facilitate all EU Delegations in sharing the content.
Avramopoulos EU Commissioner video

European Commissioner’s Activities

Every leader and public influencer needs bold and empowering videos to showcase their work. The European Commissioner, Dimitris Avramopoulos, has surely done a lot, as he had to design and implement the EU migration policy. We have collected all his major moments in a video used on his web channels, social media, as well as scene setter before his keynotes.

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Data management optimisation

Ever dreamed of browsing through digital assets at work as easily as you go through your Google photos? Keeping content organised and within an easy reach can make a real difference in the speed and the quality an organisation engages their audience. For modern businesses and institutions setting up a Digital Asset Management system (DAM) is the only way to get the best content, fast and make a real difference online.  The strategic digitalisation of your assets will boost the work of every department from sales and marketing to creative teams and human resources. We are helping institutions and businesses get smart, digital and get their troops in order.

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