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If you’re looking for a website that captures the essence of Greek Aegean culture, look no further than O Topos mas. The portal offers articles and stories about everything from interviews with locals to recipes for traditional dishes and even music and many stories from the area of the Aegean.

The company’s marketing strategy focuses on targeting emotions and using videos and real-life photos to convey them. They chose Created Agency for our video production services exactly because of that focus.

Our agency created a film to showcase their work and brand, but also to highlight their main service: telling stories about the various islands of the Aegean Sea.

Our video featured cinematic images and enhanced sound design to bring you back to the Aegean islands. The sound of the sea and the deep voice of the narrator mixed with traditional music will give you goosebumps!

Created Agency is an audiovisual marketing company and our team of professionals will work with you and only you. We’ll have regular meetings together to see what you want to achieve and how we can help you grow.



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