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Myronidi Events Venue



Ktima Myronidi is a luxury venue in Greece that needed help with their digital marketing strategy. They had many big-budget events but no professional coverage and needed a dedicated content production team to create videos and photos of every reception. Their website was old and outdated and they also lacked a dedicated marketing team.

Our team created a new website that was clean and stylish with a focus on their elegant events. We also created a plan to regularly cover the major high-visibility events with photography and video.

Slick corporate videos and breathtaking photography increased brand awareness and generated a consistent flow of good leads.

We revamped their entire social media presence by creating aesthetic postings, stories, and trendy videos that we shared strategically on their accounts.

Our efforts helped with brand awareness, customer retention and lead generation.

We made it happen.

Working together with Ktima Myronidi, we have managed to grow their audience on Instagram by 400 followers in only 4 months. Our targeted campaigns and well-thought digital advertising gained 80 leads for receptions worth minimum 8000 euros each.

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