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GLACIATION Eu-funded Project




  • © 2023, The Lisbon Council



GLACIATION project will revolutionize data sharing and shape the future of data management. The project is funded by European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme. 

We created an aesthetic and informative animation that explains the project in detail in simple and compelling storytelling. The Lisbon Council think-tank can now present the video at workshops for training, and at conferences to inform and attract stakeholders.

Leveraging our expertise in audiovisual production for international orgs. we developed all visual elements, character design, background artwork, and animation style.

We began with extensive discovery sessions to get a deeper understanding of the project’s mission and the challenges involved in communicating its value added. This collaborative effort led to a comprehensive script and a creative storyboard. With our creative storyboard, we took into account the branding and strategy and managed to bring to life the concrete vision of the project.

Our super talented illustrator produced compelling sketches for each scene, so the client visualizes the final result. Acknowledging the critical importance of client input, we incorporated feedback and made 2 necessary revisions in the post-production phase.

We handed the animation explainer in different formats for social media and to present at events. The Lisbon Council has been actively using the animation in workshops and conferences to inform and attract stakeholders around the world.

Created Agency is an audiovisual production and marketing company in Brussels. Our team of professionals will work with you and only you. We’ll have regular meetings together to see what you and the organization want to achieve and how we can help you grow.

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