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About Us

Every good idea deserves a beautiful frame

We create audiovisual creative content for those who want to change the world for the better.

Our clients include some of the world’s leading government agencies, non-profits, social enterprises and NGOs, including the European Commission, Data for Policy and the UN Development Programme. OUR MISSION is to help organisations show their vision in a way that inspires action.

That’s why we focus on creating powerful narratives with real people in real situations – because when you understand and care about something, you have the power to MAKE A CHANGE. Created Agency assembles a global faculty of content producers, digital marketers and strategist consultants to satisfy the needs of modern organisations. Each partner is trained in OUR PROCESS and adheres to our social and aesthetic philosophy.

Our mission

to help leaders and changemakers show their vision in a way that inspires real action.

At Created Agency, we have proven success record helping international organisations change perception worldwide through our audiovisual creative content created to win both the hearts and the minds of the audience. Building on our background in journalism, factual communication is our expertise and unique value proposition. This is the framework we use to:

  • research new angles of the story to deliver emotion through creative content,
  • show the story in a way that attracts and keeps audience engaged,
  • communicate value and results clearly and simply,
  • maximize marketing results and raise awareness of your values and vision.

        Your success
        is our success

        We have a proven track record of consulting and producing high-impact content for the European Commission & a broad range of public and private sector organizations.
        Our success is driven by our deep knowledge of the European Union’s policies and structures, our strong network of contacts and our proven ability to deliver high-quality audivisual outputs.

        We’re looking forward to working with you, too.

        We Make Videos that People love, share & talk about.

        Dimitrios Koskeridis

        Created Agency was founded by Dimitrios Koskeridis. A creative producer who has worked as audiovisual consultant for the European Commission and many other international organisations worldwide for over 10 years.

        Along with a team of visual storytellers and filmmakers, he is now on a mission to create inspired, informative and cinematic content to help public and business institutions stand out.